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Charlton Primary School


Uniform Guidance

Revised March 2016

 LGB Approved


 Our policy is that all pupils should wear clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos. We also believe that certain school activities are facilitated by specialised and appropriate clothing such as during Physical Education, Forest Schools and particular off-site visits.


All pupils have equal access to wearing school uniform, and parents should arrange to meet with the headteacher and/or Deputy Head if purchasing the required uniform creates financial hardship. We ensure that the set uniform respects other policies such as Equalities and allows for the individual circumstances of all groups and individuals. Charlton Primary School is committed to creating a positive climate that will enable everyone to work free from racial intimidation and harassment and to achieve their full potential.



Our policy is based on the belief that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school and identifies pupils with the school
  • Promotes a feeling of belonging
  • Is practical and distinctive
  • Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothing might be) and promotes focused learning
  • Makes pupils feel equal to one another in terms of appearance – engenders a sense of equalityThe Uniform Pupils (Year 1 to 6) need:Blue sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan with the school logo (these can be purchased from PMG; our designated suppliers – see school website).• White polo shirt with Charlton Primary School logo or plain white collared shirt. Our preference is for the older pupils in the Upper school (Years Four to Six) to wear a plain white collared shirt. Shirts should not be visible below the jumper.• Grey or black school trousers/skirt/pinafore dress.  Skirts should be of a suitable length (to the knee) and style (straight or pleated). Leggings should not be worn.

    • Grey/black shorts are suitable for the summer term

    • Black, grey or white socks.

    • Black shoes with flat heel – trainers are not acceptable.

    • A blue gingham dress is also available as an option.


    Pupils in Year Six can choose to:

  • Wear the new deep royal blue hooded sweater with the Year Six logo from our designated suppliers only.  The navy hooded sweaters will be gradually merged out and are still permitted.
  • We encourage Year Six pupils to wear plain white collared shirts or blouses.




  • Uniform for Foundation stage children is the same as for Years One to Five, but please ensure clothes are suitable for outside play. Foundation Stage children are encouraged to use the outside space in all weathers. Please provide hats and gloves for colder weather and sun hats for warmer weather. Children will need a weather appropriate coat or jacket with them every day. Smart, plain, jogging bottoms in navy or black may be worn instead of ‘uniform’ trousers.
  • We would also appreciate a set of spare clothes to be kept in school, for incidents where children need changing.
  • Shoes should be well fitted, with a good grip, to enable children to use the outside climbing apparatus safely. Sandals or Crocs are not safe for play activities in the Foundation Unit.
  • PE kit will only be required in the summer term.


All Pupils 

  • In winter all pupils should have a warm and waterproof coat available in school.





  • Foundation children do not need a change of shoes for indoors. Parents are asked to bring well-fitting trainers/ plimsolls once they start to change for PE (in the summer term.)  A stock of wellies and spare shoes are kept in school for emergencies! On occasions when different footwear is required e.g. Forest School, a letter will be sent home.


Years 1 and 2

  • Black footwear to be worn inside school. These can be plimsolls if parents prefer. Pupils do not need to change their shoes for outdoor play but parents may wish them to (perhaps to extend the life of school shoes).


Years 3 to 6

  • Black footwear to be worn inside school. These can be plimsolls if parents prefer. If they wish, pupils can bring school footwear to change into.  Pupils do not need to change their shoes for outdoor play but parents may wish them to (perhaps to extend the life of school shoes).






Pupils (Year 1 to 6) need: 

  • White round neck t-shirt (the current other choice of blue will be phased out once stock is reduced)
  • Black or navy PE shorts/skorts
  • Black/navy track-suit bottoms
  • During colder months a navy school sweatshirt, a plain black sweatshirt or a black PE specific jumper with school logo (supplier website) can be worn.
  • Plimsolls/trainers – both must be well fitting for safety
  • Further clothing choices for PE and outdoor activities that reflect the seasons are available to view from our suppliers.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back during physical activity




  • For swimming all students will require a swimming costume, a towel and a swimming hat. Long shorts and bikinis/tankinis are not allowed – the options are either trunks or a one-piece swimsuit. Goggles can be worn.
  • A watch and one small plain stud in each ear lobe only – no other studs are allowed.
  • One simple black belt only.
  • Longer hair, past shoulder length, needs to be tied back using small, discreet clips, ties or hair bands. This keeps hair neat and tidy whilst pupils are working. A further reason for this is to prevent the spread of head lice. Extremely short razor lines cut into the hair, non-natural colours, fully or partially shaved hair, or excessive hair gel are unacceptable. Colourful hair braids are not appropriate during term time and are best enjoyed during the school holidays.
  • No make-up, transfer tattoos or nail varnish should be worn to school (this supports the aims of our policy).
  • All pupils cycling to school must wear a cycle helmet.
  • Pupils need a sensible bag large enough to carry the equipment they need. Charlton book bags and rucksacks are available from our suppliers.


If in any doubt about any aspect of the dress code, please speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance.


All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. This is especially important, as uniform items look similar and can easily be confused for another child’s. The school cannot accept responsibility for any lost items. Lost property bins will be emptied on a weekly basis and unclaimed items will be removed.


Staff will be expected to:

  • Set a good example in terms of appropriate and professional dress.
  • Remember that in our respective roles we serve the local community as a set of professionals.
  • Support and promote the agreed uniform policy and share high expectations of correct uniform for all activities.
  • Wear suitable clothing for physical activity.
  • Enforce the school uniform throughout the school community, as part of the duty within maintenance of day to day discipline in the school.
  • Teachers and/or Seniors Leaders will speak to the parents of pupils who persistently do not wear the correct uniform.


The school will follow the DfE guidelines and not consider exclusion from the school where a pupil fails to comply with the school’s rules on uniform. However, on occasion, internal exclusion or a consequence may be used if appropriate and a child is judged to be deliberately not following uniform guidelines. In some circumstances financial assistance can be used to support families to follow the uniform policy.


Role of the Parents/Guardians

  • To ensure that their child/children adhere to the school’s uniform policy.
  • To ensure that they come to school in uniform every day, unless there are special circumstances such as non-uniform days.
  • To ensure that all uniform is labelled correctly and clearly.



All items available from our suppliers. 

Any items listed by our suppliers (and not referenced above) can be bought and used in school by all pupils for the appropriate occasion (except Year Six specific items).








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