Pastoral Care

At Charlton, all members of staff undertake a pastoral role.  We hope that a friendly school atmosphere, regular contact with parents and sensitive relationships with the children will enable any difficulties that may arise to be dealt with quickly.

We have a full-time Assistant Head, Mrs Thorne, who oversees welfare, medical and dietary needs. A number of staff have first aid training, including all our Early Years practitioners.  Whenever necessary, full use is made of support agencies such as educational psychologists, education social workers and the local health services.

It is very important that parents or carers let us know of any medical conditions, allergies or disabilities their child may have so that adjustments can be made.  The school is not permitted to give medication except in very special circumstances such as chronic asthma, severe allergy or an on-going medical condition. In these instances, the  Mrs Thorne meets with parents to put a healthcare plan in place.

If you require further support, this powerpoint can point you in the direction of other agencies

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