Junior Leadership Team

 The JLT is a group of older children (Year 5 & 6) who have offered to give up their time and be committed to taking on extra responsibilities across the school.  Any children who wish to be considered must apply in writing to Mrs Rooke.  

JLT during their training session.

JLT spotlight


How will children know who is in the JLT?

 Very soon these children will have purple vests clearly displaying their JLT membership.  A photo of the team will be added to this page shortly…

 What sort of thing do they do? 

The JLT will take on certain roles of responsibility around the school. Currently, at lunchtime, we have some children (on a rota planned by the JLT) stationed in the lower school block supporting and encouraging younger children to swiftly move outside.  We also have members of the JLT in Foundation at lunchtime.  Some members have Health and Safety positions.

 Is this the same as the School Council? 

No, the the School Council is more of governance role and the JLT report to them. The JLT have two team leaders.

 Will they receive training? 

Yes, the group will receive support and guidance with Nicki Barnes, down in the woodland during Forest School sessions. They also have time to explore and develop their role further. 

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