Further Challenge and Development Groups

Charlton believes in the importance of appropriate educational provision for children of all abilities, including the most able.  We plan our teaching and learning to provide the opportunity for each child to reach the highest level of personal achievement.  One of our teachers has particular responsibility as leader for gifted and talented pupils, monitoring this provision, advising colleagues and co-ordinating enrichment activities targeted to the needs of this group.

Class teachers cater for children’s needs and abilities through carefully planned and differentiated tasks and opportunities where children can develop higher order skills and take leadership roles within ongoing class activities and a suitably challenging curriculum.  Carefully chosen classroom resources and targeted extra curricular activities also support the development of this group of pupils.

Schools within the Vale Academy Trust work together to provide enrichment opportunities for these more able children, sometimes with secondary school involvement as well.  Recent events have included debating competitions, ‘Mathletics’ challenges and puzzle days.  We have also arranged sessions with artists and more able writing workshops. There are inter-school sports competitions, sometimes leading to involvement in events such as the Vale Sports Competitions, and opportunities for children to join Local orchestras and music groups and perform with other local schools at public venues such as the Beacon in Wantage.

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