Charlton’s Curriculum Overview

Happy Kind Responsible

At Charlton, our curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum but is also guided by our four main curriculum drivers:

Knowledge, Wonder, Discovery and Responsibility.


At Charlton, it is our mission to deliver consistently excellent education that nurtures the whole child, enabling them to fulfil their potential, and that encourages aspiration in every pupil.

We believe strongly that education should not just comprise of knowledge and facts. As such, our curriculum is underpinned by four main drivers: wonder, knowledge, discovery and responsibility. These drivers inform the way in which our curriculum subjects are planned and delivered. For example, in Religious Education (R.E.), a unit of work begins with a sense of through the use of a ‘big question’. This is then referred to throughout the unit. Pupils’ about religion is developed in a variety of ways (trips, visitors, explanations, hands-on activities etc.) and pupils then have the opportunity to learn from religions- developing their sense of . This includes discovery about themselves, their experiences and their values as well as those of the global community.



Our school values: Be Happy, Be Kind, Be Responsible are well established and are embedded into the culture of our school. At times, our school values are explicitly referenced in lessons and at other times there are implicit references. They form the bedrock of positive relations between staff, pupils and the wider Charlton community. On Fridays, they are the foundation of our assembly and pupils’ work towards these (both academic and socially) are celebrated by the school community.

Happy Kind Responsible

It is our intention that every pupil at Charlton receives a full curriculum offer. We are careful to ensure that subjects are balanced and have an equal weighting of importance. Throughout the year, we also provide a wide extra-curricular offer which encompasses sports, literacy, music, outdoor education and social and emotional activities. This offer is reviewed and updated at regular intervals. In addition, we also make use of the local and wider community, often welcoming visitors or guest speakers into classes or assemblies. Teachers plans to make use of the local amenities so that pupils visit local attractions such as the library, museum, garden centre, woodlands and churches during their time at Charlton.

Our staff are committed to planning and delivering a curriculum that is purposeful and personalised to take account of the needs of the children in our school. Staff have high expectations for all pupils and believe that everyone can succeed. We ensure that teaching content throughout the curriculum is carefully sequenced so that knowledge and skills is built upon over the course of a pupil’s time at Charlton. We also seek to ensure that depth of essential knowledge, skills and understanding is an integral part of our curriculum design so that pupils’ learning challenges them and their thinking.

Through our curriculum, we want our pupils to be excited, engaged ad inspired to learn and discover more. We want for them to become happy, responsible citizens of the future who can draw on their learning and apply it in a range of subjects and contexts. We want them to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, to be able to question with curiosity and value others’ personal beliefs, values and attitudes in a respectful manner as a result of their learning.




Click here to view the curriculum map for each year group and for each subject. Our staff use this document to ensure progression throughout the key stages.

Please click below to view the curriculum Charlton School follows for each year group across the year.

FS – Term 1 overview 

Year 1 – Term 1 overview 

Year 2 – Term 1 overview 

Year 3 – Term 1 overview 

Year 4 – Term 1 overview 

Year 5 – Term 1 overview 

Year 6 – Term 1 overview


 FS – Term 2 overview

Year – 1 Term 2 overview

Year 2 – Term 2 overview

Year 3 –  Term 2 overview

Year 4 – Term 2 overview

Year 5 – Term 2 overview

Year 6- Term 2 overview



FS – Term 3 overview

Year 1 – Term 3 overview

Year 2 – Term 3 overview

Year 3 – Term 3 overview

Year 4 – Term 3 overview

Year 5 –  Term 3 overview

Year 6 – Term 3 overview


FS – Term 4 overview

Year 1 – Term 4 overview

Year 2 – Term 4 overview

Year 3 – Term 4 overview

Year 4 – Term 4 overview

Year 5 – Term 4 overview

Year 6 – Term 4 overview


FS – Term 5 overview

Year 1 – Term 5 overview

Year 2 – Term 5 overview

Year 3 – Term 5 overview

Year 4 –  Term 5 overview

Year 5 Term 4 overview

Year 6 – Term 5 overview

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