Welcome to Charlton Primary School


Tuesday 10:30am – Following a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast, everyone was up promptly raring to start the day’s mixture of activities. Currently,  one group is having a try at the Vortex, another is fencing, Mrs Gill is with a group on the rope course and Miss Davies’ group are  completing the tunnel activity.  All are well and enjoying themselves. Mr Rose has been particularly impressed with the team work and encouragement shown by all. 


On their way to ‘multi-vine’!

Tuesday pm res2

Wednesday 4pm –  Following another good nights sleep and another hearty breakfast everyone was up promptly raring to start the day’s mixture of activities. Today has seen a lot of rope based activities including abseiling, climbing and low ropes as well as fencing, orienteering and rocket launch. Everyone is looking forward to tonight’s evening entertainment too!

Lots of fun and hilarity has been had thanks to a range of new songs and chants and a ‘moo’ off! 

Sorry we don’t have a pic from this morning- it was a bit wet!

Wednesday eve…


Thursday 7pm – As I write Mrs Batten’s group are enjoying a giant game of chaos Tag against another school. It offers them a good chance to rest their brains after a session of team working and initiative challenges. 


Later, following the final room inspection, we will be heading to dinner – beef casserole amongst the choices I believe. A Cluedo style mystery awaits us this evening. Which team will solve the mystery of Lewis’s disappearance? – we shall see. 

Back tomorrow.  Mr Rose

Friday 8:50am – Following another hearty breakfast pupils and staff are busy packing their cases and tidying their rooms. A last activity awaits before lunch and the trip home. 

We will all sleep well tonight. 

Mr Rose will arrive back a little before the main party and liaise closely with Miss Malpas as to expected time of return – which if all goes to plan will be between 4 and 4:30pm.

Please read our Ofsted Report

“The school promotes a strong sense of ambition that every pupil and member of staff can be successful. Leaders have created a culture where good behaviour can flourish and effective teaching is the expectation. Staff and pupils have risen to the challenges they set, and are proud to be part of the school.”

“The Establishment of the multi-academy trust in partnership with local schools has made a significant contribution to the quality of the leadership and management of the school.” 

At Charlton Primary School we believe that children’s first experiences of school are vital, laying down the foundations for all aspects of life that follows. We want all children at our school to have a love of learning, so that they can continue to learn effectively through into adulthood and enjoy happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible quality education for all our children, enabling them to realise their individual abilities, talents, skills and personal qualities. We pride ourselves on our warm, caring ethos, within which all children feel happy, safe, engaged and enabled to learn.

I am proud to be the Headteacher at Charlton. We have fantastic staff and Governors dedicated to helping educate every child. Right across the team we bring expertise, enthusiasm and experience and we are committed to ensuring that every child in our care enjoys their time at Charlton Primary School.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Steven Rose